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Comfy Critters Pet Sitting and Dog Walking is rated
5.0 out of 5 stars, based on 13 reviews!

5 stars reviewDonna has been pet sitting my dog for about a year. She is reliable and my dog loves her. She always gives an update after the visit to let me know everything went good. I definitely recommend her to take care of your pets. 🙂

5 stars reviewA Great service!

5 star reviewDonna is simply amazing! She has been walking our dog for a little less than a year now and she has done an incredible job. She has been able to do last minute request multiple times! Not only does she do a great job walking him during the week, we have left him over night a handful of times and we have never worried or had a problem. She even sends pictures of him playing around having a blast! Donna is all around awesome and we couldn’t be happier with her services. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone!

5 star reviewsIt took me so long to find Donna. She is amazing!! Above and beyond, for sure. I adore my pets, and I have a few, with Donna, I’ve left town twice now without worry. I haven’t left town without worry in over a decade!!!!

5 stars reviewOur dogs Kobe and Shadow are very fortunate to have such a caring and knowledgeable dog walker and sitter as Donna provides without fail. We are happy with her rates, her punctuality, her flexibility and stamina. Don’t hesitate!! Comfy Critters is GREAT!

5 star reviewDonna is not only great with our dogs (one of which can be “weird” with people he doesn’t know well), but she’s also come through for us at the last minute more than once. She’s very reasonably priced, reliable, spends more time with the dogs than she even has to, and I felt very comfortable leaving our home and dogs in her care after our first meeting. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking for someone who will not only care for your pets, but give them attention and affection while you’re gone as well.

5 stars reviewDonna is a very caring individual and great with my THREE dogs!

5 stars reviewDonna gave us very good service. Highly recommend.

5 star reviewDonna gives us piece of mind while we are away. She cares for our dogs and bird with diligence and care. She gives us updates, which we love. She’s our official go-to pet sitter when we travel.

5 star reviewsI will never have anyone else take care of my animals! The confidence and trust in knowing that they are treated as well as if I were there myself.

5 stars reviewDonna is amazing with our babies! She is very dependable and very dedicated. She makes sure everyone is taken care of in their own special way with each visit and then she sends messages to update us on their status. That makes such a difference when you are away!

5 star reviewsDonna has been very helpful when we travel and does an awesome job with our dogs and cat.We are very happy with her services and feel totally at ease when they are in her care. She is professional, punctual, and caring. Great service!

5 star reviewsShe is the cat whisperer. I would not trust anyone else to take care of my kitties…or any other pets I get. She texts me, sends pictures, and keeps on touch when I’m away. She loves her job and all animals of all kind! I wish she lived next door. I’m dead serious! We love Donna!