The Importance of Socializing Your Pet

One of the reasons that I decided to research and write about this topic is because I think socialization is absolutely vital to a pet’s physical and mental wellbeing. And as a petsitter and dog walker, I also don’t like seeing dogs and cats that have not been socialized. It makes it very difficult to do my job. I don’t like it when I see a person coming towards me with their dog and as soon as they see me they turn around because they don’t think it is right for their dog to interact or they are afraid of the dogs that I am walking. I especially don’t like it when I see a puppy wanting to meet the dogs that I am walking so bad and their owners won’t let them. So here are some important points to think about when getting a dog or cat.

Some people chose to adopt an older dog or cat and that pet may have issues that do not allow it to be as social with other animals or humans. For a dog or cat, the optimum age for socialization is 3-12 weeks of age. It is important for them to be around other people, other puppies and dogs, different social situations, and even car rides as often as possible. Exposing the pup or kitty to as many different social situations up to 12 weeks of age is vital because it can quell their fears and stop social anxieties.

The positive reasons for socializing your pets are:

  • They will be less stressed around new situations.
  • Their attitude is better.
  • Their behaviors are much better in different settings.
  • It teaches them to have self-confidence and acceptance of other people and other pets.

The negative consequences of not socializing your pets are:

  • If you do not socialize your pet as a baby, you will not be able to change the behavior as they become adults (as those of us know who have adopted older pets).
  • They may not get the best vet care because they will act out at the vet and the doctor may not be able to get accurate readings or accurate testing done because of the pet misbehaving.
  • They may be scary to house guests, children, or other pets.
  • When a dog or cat is unsocialized, they may respond out of fear causing damage to something or someone.
  • The places that an owner can take their pet are limited and the activities that you might want to do with your pet are also limited.

Puppies and kittens are so adorable and can be a lot of fun. These pets are very trusting when they are young. In order to keep that trust and not have them become fearful, they should be exposed to as many pleasant and positive experiences as possible and to as many people and places as possible. So if you are going to get a puppy or kitten, investing time and energy into the socialization of your pet is one of the many ways to take care of your pet. Plan exposures to the various animals, people, places and activities that will be part of your pup or kitten’s new life. Providing positive and diverse experiences for your dog or cat will help them grow into adulthood without becoming fearful or aggressive.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Team For Your Petsitting Needs

Hi everybody! Welcome to my first ever blog!!! Today I want to talk about the benefits of having a team to take care of your furry loved ones.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than 7 years since I decided to start my own petsitting and dogwalking business! It was a perfect way for me to make a career out of my love of animals (I tell everyone that I have the best job on earth!). I am so grateful for my more than 70 amazing clients from Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Holly Springs, Fuquay Varina, Willow Springs, and Angier who have welcomed me into their lives and homes and trusted me with their over 100 amazing pets.

With my expanding client base I am very excited to announce that Comfy Critters is growing too as we welcome Marianne, Kelley, and Kim to our pet-sitting staff! When I started Comfy Critters, I set out to offer nothing short of the highest quality service. During every visit I try to cater to your pet’s every need and I want to be able to offer the same level of care to all of your pets.

Our new caregivers all share my passion for animals. I have personally trained each of them, and they all bring their own unique skillset to care for your pets, so you can be sure that your pets will get the Comfy Critter care that you have come to expect. Each went through an extensive hiring process, which included both phone and face-to-face interviews, and they have all been cleared through an ACUTRAQ background check. You can rest assured that our sitters are all professional, trustworthy, and compassionate.

Additional benefits to the client:

It’s been a busy year for Comfy Critters. My new team members are shadowing me to learn how to properly care for your pets. Especially for our new clients, me and a team member will come to your house for an initial meet-and-greet so that we will both be familiar with your home, your pets, and their routines. This insures that you are comfortable with your caregiver, but especially that your pets are too! While you are away, we take extra care to look out for any changes in behavior, eating, drinking, or play habits and will alert the owner immediately. We can also help out with other items around the house like bringing in the mail or taking care of plants. In my 7 years as a professional petsitter, I’ve experienced just about everything you can imagine, and I am confident that the team I’ve assembled will do everything they can to make sure your precious family members are safe and cared for in the best way possible. My hope is that our expansion can bring you extra peace of mind that should an emergency occur while you are away, there will be a team of trustworthy, qualified pet sitters to handle just about any situation. Our goal, as always, is to far exceed your expectations.

Additional benefits to the pets:

I’ve always been committed to visits that last at least 30 minutes to give your pets the love and attention that they deserve. While I am so excited to expand my client base, I would never want to feel like I need to “rush” through a visit in order to attend to all my pets. The benefit of having a petsitting team is that you can be sure your pets will still receive the same amount of time and attention that you expect from Comfy Critters – even during our busiest times of the year! We will also be able to provide you with more options for scheduled visits, so as to best cater to your pets’ routines and schedules to limit any stress that may come from having someone other than you caring for them. We will also do our best to prioritize consistency for visits (having the same team member come to your house). This should give you extra peace of mind that your pets will have a familiar face who knows their personalities, preferences, and any specialized health issues. As always, we maintain detailed records for each of our pet clients detailing their preferences and particular instructions regarding about your pet’s care.

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